Life 2022

Evening Events

Real Lives, with Roger Carswell

Stories of Real Change

Each evening, from Monday 28th February to Saturday 5th March, at 8pm, we held a “Real Lives” event where Roger interviewed a special guest, and then we heard about the real difference Jesus Christ can make to anyone and everyone.

Admission was Free Ticket, available from Eventbrite, but we welcomed anyone who turned up. (Doors opened at 7:45pm.)

Monday 28th February, Guest: Katie Jones

Teenage tragedies and rebellion made trusting in Jesus seem impossible, and then Katie heard something that changed everything…

Tuesday 1st March, Guest: Yvonne Edwards

She had it all materially and physically – but inside was empty, restless, unhappy and an atheist! How did Jesus reach Yvonne?!

Richard "Leady" Leadbeater

Wednesday 2nd March, Guest: Richard Leadbeater

Richard ‘Leady’ Leadbeater made an unusual journey from Professional Footballer to Christian Minister, from pitch to pulpit, following an encounter that totally changed his life.

Thursday 3rd March, Guest: Major Gen Tim Cross

When the bombs are falling and bullets whistling by, can faith be real?

Friday 4th March, Guests: Derek & Joyce Harkness

‘The Responder’ in real life? Two cops keeping the law, but with personal lives spiralling out of control … until Christ stepped in.

Saturday 5th March, Guest: Jason Armstrong

Brought up on the wrong side of the tracks, violence and drug addiction would surely keep Jesus away?

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